How not to fall from grace through social media

Some companies still don’t get it. When you hand over your social media password to an employee, you might as well be giving him or her a full-page ad in the New York Times, or a prime time TV advertising spot. “Here you are, go for it! Just put together whatever you feel like saying about our company whenever you feel like it.”

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The risk of delivering bad customer service: a fine of over €300,000

Would your business operate differently if you knew you risked an enormous fine for failing to fully resolve customer complaints? Does the thought of having to include a link to consumer protection laws make you a little nervous? Do you even know what the consumer protection laws are for the area in which you do business?

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Google customer service now officially sucks.

In the past few days all of Google’s many eyes have been on Germany. Not only did the German court request that Google reveal its top-secret algorithm, but it ruled that Google must now, by law, provide a way for German users to contact the company via email. Ignoring customer emails by coolly sending autoreply messages doesn’t count as adequate customer service.

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What humour can do for your customer service

About two weeks ago, an Amazon customer made a silly little joke about the customer service representative who’d accepted his chat request. The rep happened to be called Thor, and the customer just had to ask if he could play the part of Odin, Thor’s father in Norse mythology (and in the cult Marvel comic book series – and the 2011 movie). The transcript of the resulting chat went viral – all thanks to the rep’s sense of humour and the way he responded to the customer.

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plain old

Why plain old customer service is 100% old-fashioned

All too often, working as a customer service rep is like spending time on an assembly line. It’s a factory-like procedure, focused on closing as many cases as fast as possible, for the sole purpose of moving on to the next one. If that’s customer service for you, read on.

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21 rules

21 rules the best customer service teams know – and follow

The profession that great customer service reps practise entails much more than merely answering customer questions. The greatest reps are your foot soldiers, your people on the frontline of the battle – the battle of winning your customers’ hearts and minds! They’re your company’s ambassadors in flesh and blood, going above and beyond to create a great experience for each and every one of your customers.

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