What humour can do for your customer service

About two weeks ago, an Amazon customer made a silly little joke about the customer service representative who’d accepted his chat request. The rep happened to be called Thor, and the customer just had to ask if he could play the part of Odin, Thor’s father in Norse mythology (and in the cult Marvel comic book series – and the 2011 movie). The transcript of the resulting chat went viral – all thanks to the rep’s sense of humour and the way he responded to the customer.

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plain old

Why plain old customer service is 100% old-fashioned

All too often, working as a customer service rep is like spending time on an assembly line. It’s a factory-like procedure, focused on closing as many cases as fast as possible, for the sole purpose of moving on to the next one. If that’s customer service for you, read on.

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21 rules

21 rules the best customer service teams know – and follow

The profession that great customer service reps practise entails much more than merely answering customer questions. The greatest reps are your foot soldiers, your people on the frontline of the battle – the battle of winning your customers’ hearts and minds! They’re your company’s ambassadors in flesh and blood, going above and beyond to create a great experience for each and every one of your customers.

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From angry customer to brand ambassador

5 steps to make angry customers love you

“My husband’s birthday surprise is ruined because of you! You said it would take 5 business days tops to deliver his present, and it’s been two weeks.” Your customer was planning to surprise her husband with his favourite childhood book, ordering it well ahead of time. But you didn’t have that particular book stocked. And - Murphy’s Law – your supplier delayed his delivery as well.

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Outgrowing Outlook or Gmail

5 signs your business is outgrowing Outlook or Gmail

Yes! Your business is finally picking up. You’re getting more orders, more customers, more emails. You’re doing your very best not to miss any opportunity out there – but you are. There always seems to be a customer whose email slipped through the cracks. Sounds just like you? Then you might want to admit that a standard email solution no longer works for your growing business.

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3 customer service lessons the World Cup taught us

So the World Cup is over for another four years. At first glance you wouldn’t think that it had much to teach us about anything but football. But scratch the surface of any match and you’ll find all sorts of parallels to be drawn with everyday life… and with the wondrous world of customer service.

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Time management: how to make the most of your weekly 168 hours

When discussing time management with a friend the other day, I asked her whether she has enough time to do everything she wants to do. “Everything I want to do?” she replied. “I don’t even have enough time to do everything I have to do!” I had to tell her about a book I read several years ago, the lessons from which have stayed with me ever since.

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