3 customer service lessons the World Cup taught us

So the World Cup is over for another four years. At first glance you wouldn’t think that it had much to teach us about anything but football. But scratch the surface of any match and you’ll find all sorts of parallels to be drawn with everyday life… and with the wondrous world of customer service.

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Time management: how to make the most of your weekly 168 hours

When discussing time management with a friend the other day, I asked her whether she has enough time to do everything she wants to do. “Everything I want to do?” she replied. “I don’t even have enough time to do everything I have to do!” I had to tell her about a book I read several years ago, the lessons from which have stayed with me ever since.

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Live chat: no longer the optional extra

There are plenty of reasons to be cynical about technological offerings. Remember Google Wave? But live chat is not just another fad. It is a tried and tested product which should form an essential part of your online business’s customer service offering.

Why? Because when used properly, live chat increases your conversion rate, your team’s productivity, and your turnover. That’s why. Resulting, of course, in more happy customers.

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Feature update: emailing just got easier!

Feature update: emailing just got easier!

Is live chat the only reason you’re using Casengo? You might want to give our other features a try, then. Start handling your customer emails more efficiently, for instance – that’s something Casengo can really help you with. And thanks to the new update, emailing just got easier!

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3 things e-learning can teach business owners

One of the biggest educational challenges is to engage and motivate students. It’s pretty tough in the classroom, and even tougher online. How do you motivate online learners when you can’t even see or hear them? That’s a secret only the most successful e-learning providers know. It’s about time that business owners in different fields learn how it’s done – and how to adapt these lessons to their own strategies.

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What customers want (according to KPMG)

It’s here: the first edition of KPMG’s Customer Experience Barometer (PDF). With the best will in the world, you probably don’t have time to study it. That’s why we’ve lifted the key lessons from the full 40-page document, allowing you to take in the most important points without investing your whole day in it. Read on to check out our highlights from the report.

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WeChat & Casengo: it’s not about the medium, but about the message

We all know by now that live chat is great way of communicating. It’s simple and it leads to faster – and often better – responses, whether you’re chatting with your friends or your customers. You can use live chat when you’re on the train, tucked into bed, or even during a meeting. Given its popularity, it’s not surprising that back in February, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a cool 19 billion dollars.

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The pseudoscience of chat buttons

Live chat boosts conversion when used properly – that is undeniable. Chat allows your online visitors – your potential customers – to have their questions answered quickly and easily. No more picking up the phone and paying for a call, no need to search for an email address, write an email, and wait for a reply. Nothing stands between you and the customer – except the chat button.

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Winnie-the-Pooh on customer service

Favourite author A.A. Milne is best known for the stories and poems he published about Winnie-the-Pooh. The books might be aimed at children, but there are also some timeless gems in there for those of us who are All Grown Up.

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What SMEs can learn from Amazon

Thanks to their size and/or level of turnover, smaller companies occupy a particular place in the market. It’s tempting to look only to similarly-sized businesses for inspiration. But that would be a shame: even a 4-employee online perfume business can learn from an online giant like Amazon.

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