Several minutes of outage

STATUS: Platform is available again

18:15 CET We're investigating the root cause, all systems ok;
18:12 CET Casengo platform is available;
18:08 CET Platform is unavailble;

Release notes Nov 2016

Dear everyone,
We have a great update for you in store.


  • We’ve greatly improved the overall performance of all message processing for the WhatsApp Connector. All clients have been migrated to the newest version. You can now send/receive more than 75.000 messages per day.

App Improvements

  • We’ve improved the notifications by making sure they are send at all times when the Casengo inbox is not in focus. This means that when you open another window and keep Casengo in the background you will still get a notification so that you never miss a chat again. Tip: enable the browser notifications from the gear menu > notification settings > enable browser notifications and use the latest version of Chrome.
  • We’ve made desktop notifications stay forever so that if the agent goes away for a few minutes and comes back to his computer he will still see the notifications of chats, Facebook messages and WhatsApp’s that were sent by the customers while the agent was gone.
  • We’ve made sure that quick replies are now inserted before the signature if the mouse pointer is not focussed in the compose area so that it’s never put beneath the signature again.
  • We’ve made sure that when you forward a message or case to a third-party (collaborator) you will get a notification and the case will go back to open and will be marked as unread with a notification so that you know when a reply has come in from a third-party.
  • We’ve made overall improvements on the processing of all messages receiving and sending. They’re now processed 8 times as fast as they were before the update.

Bugs fixed

  • We’ve fixed a bug where the agent could not reliably delete a case.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where the agent could not open a case via the notification if the case was opened but not focussed.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where empty cases (chat widget opened but no messages sent) are counted in reporting.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where external mailboxes (POP3(s)/IMAP(s)) did not trigger a in-app notification.

In progress

  • Groups in inbox with a totally new super fast database/search-engine with flexible search functionality and grouping is in progress
  • WhatsApp QR scanning in the inbox of Casengo to make it much easier to keep an eye on your connection
  • WhatsApp support for receiving images in conversations

If you have any questions please contact us at support@casengo.com.

Some of our customers reported the following issues (around 06:30AM CET):

  • Agents couldn’t log in;
  • Visitors couldn’t see any FAQ Articles;
  • Agents couldn’t use Quick Replies

At 7:15AM CET the login issue was resolved.

At 10:00AM CET the FAQ and Quick Replies issue was resolved. All active agents were notified in-app about a necessary downtime of 5 minutes to fix the issue.

Update: 11 August 2016

After investigation of the issues above, we found out that an upgrade of our server-provider AWS caused the deployment process to slow down considerably. (Even though the upgrade should’ve speeded things up.) In collaboration with AMS we made sure these issues will never happen again.

Update 16:43 (GMT +2)

Services have started and Casengo is accessible.

Update 16:15 (GMT +2)

Migration has been completed. Reconnecting and starting the system.

Update 15:10 (GMT+2)

Update is still in progress.

Update 14:01 (GMT+2)

Amazon Database is now upgraded with the latest update. After this update the maintenance is completed. Expected next update 1.0 hr.

Update 13:09 (GMT+2)

First of two phases successfully released. We are currently testing and will move to the last phase of the upgrade soon. Expected next update 1.0 hr.

Update 12:00 (GMT+2)

The replica has been made. We are now proceeding with the migration. Estimated time 1.0 hr for next update.

Update 10:06 (GMT+2)

Amazon is taking longer than expected to make a replica of the database. Expected time to completion is 1.5 hr.


For an even more reliable (and possibly faster) Casengo, our hosting partner (Amazon Web Services) has planned to upgrade our database.

This upgrade will take place on Sunday June 12th, starting at 9 CET (GMT+2). During this time, you’ll likely experience some downtime. (The total estimated downtime is around 2 hours.)

We know this is short notice, but because the upgrade has to take place as soon as possible, we’ve looked for the time when the fewest of our customers are active. And Sunday morning is the best option.

During this upgrade, you can follow this page for the latest status.


  • New WhatsApp and chat notifications will disappear as soon as someone else has picked up the case. This makes sure that agents do not open a case that is already worked on by another agent and will lead to less frustration.
  • If you are in a case that a colleague is working on, you will automatically get access to the case once the colleague leaves it. This means, you no longer have to refresh the case to claim it.
  • You can now disable the standard ‘Start a chat’ message at the bottom of all outgoing email messages.
  • We now support long TLD (Top Level Domains) like domain.management and domain.marketing.

Bug fixes

  • Inside each case, the number of related cases (displayed by ‘Contact cases’) now shows the correct count.
  • Links in the chat widget to FAQ articles are now displayed correctly.


  • To manage incoming questions faster and assign labels to each message, you can now do so from inside the inbox. It’s no longer necessary to go into a case to do this.
  • As promised last time, we’re working hard to continuously increase the speed of Casengo. Because of a database upgrade, messages inside the inbox are shown 30% quicker when selecting the different filters.
  • Reporting: Not only has the loading time of the reports been increased, it’s now also possible to filter based on week number.
  • We’ve increased the limit on the number of search results for each query from 30 to 3000 to make it easier to find the right case.

Example of labels in inbox:

Bug fixes

  • The issue in Outlook that (sometimes) didn’t recognize email addresses is now resolved.
  • The rare sound notification issues are resolved to ensure you receive a new notification every time a new message comes in.
  • The issue of Quick Replies occasionally showing ‘undefined’ is resolved.

Performance update

Good news! The Casengo application just became a lot faster. With a big increase in the number of incoming messages through WhatsApp and Chat, it was time to upgrade to servers that are 4 times more powerful than our old ones. (By the way, all your data has been migrated successfully and securely.)

This was just a first step in our efforts to make Casengo faster than the speed of light. So I’ll keep you posted on new updates to come.

May the speed be with you.


  • Reporting: Filtering is now possible based on 'Week Numbers’. After selecting the appropriate year and week, you’ll get an overview of the number of cases in each of the statuses for every hour of every day.


  • We’re introducing the possibility of adding multiple WhatsApp numbers to your Casengo account! You can now use different numbers for Support and Sales and/or handle a larger incoming/outgoing stream of messages.

  • If you’re interested in adding additional WhatsApp numbers to your account, please get in touch with us. The price for each additional number is €100 per number per month. And it’s possible to add an unlimited amount of numbers.

  • WhatsApp is out of BETA. After working and testing for more than a year we can proudly and confidently say that we have a reliable WhatsApp service for support and sales. We’ve connected hundreds of accounts and 5+ million messages have been sent.

Bugs fixed

We’re continuously working to eliminate all bugs in the system to offer you the smoothest possible experience. These are the bugs we fixed recently:

  • Search queries that couldn’t be cleared
  • Case tabs that were not cleared after logging out
  • The to and from details in the preview were not displaying
  • Although emails were sent, they appeared as if they were not.
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