With Teams, you can easily organize your Casengo Inbox based on your organizational structure. Whether you support different languages or work with multiple online stores, the Casengo Inbox serves as a link between you, your team and your customers. All cases in teams are filtered by status: New, Open, Pending, Resolved, Closed, and Deleted. As a result, you will never lose the overview.

Manage your inbox with teams

Support Team

All support conversations

Sales Team

All sales conversations

English Team

English conversations

WhatsApp Team

All WhatsApp conversations

Webshop Team

All chats on the webshop

Financial Team

All financial business

Why are teams needed?

Teams allow you to keep channels separated from each other. This allows you to use Casengo for multiple purposes. For example, one goal may be to handle Facebook Messenger messages. Another goal: process the e-mails of the financial administration.

How can you use teams?

As an Admin, you can create, edit, and delete teams. A team consists of different communication channels such as email, chat, Facebook and WhatsApp. Customer support agents are assigned to teams. This allows an Admin to ensure that the right support staff handle's the right customer questions.


All cases

This includes all cases that are available to the logged in agent. He only sees cases where he is assigned to. An Admin always sees everything.

My cases

This includes all cases you own. The cases can be filtered by status: New, Open, Pending, Resolved, Closed, and Deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use teams?

No. Each account is converted to the new team structure, but we maintain the inbox structure you are using. So nothing changes unless you change the structure.

What does teams cost?

Teams is included in all packages.

How many teams can you make?

You can create unlimited teams.

How does Casengo make sure nothing gets lost?

When a channel is not linked to a team, an overview will be created that we call "Unassigned." This overview contains all cases that are not linked to a specific team. As a result, you never miss cases.

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