As you may have noticed we had performance issues in the last few days. This happened because Amazon pushed a security update to fix the Intel security issues Meltdown and Spectre on our servers.

As a result we had a major performance capacity problem. To remedy this, we’ve improved all our servers with the newest and fastest CPU’s.

The migration took 31 minutes and made our application 800% faster.

We will not stop here. We have already invested in moving to the newest top-notch server architecture to create even more headroom for security patches from AWS/Intel that may slow down our servers in the future.

We will keep pushing hard on security and performance. Two important areas for Casengo.

We hope that you didn’t have to many issues while the application was slow or unavailable. We communicated everything as soon as we could.

For more information about the security issues please go to:

Thank you for your patience!


  • You can now send conversation transcripts to one or more contacts. Send Transcript makes it easy to send customers the full history of the conversation. Only messages send and received by the customer are included. If you want to invite a third-party to assist, make sure you use the Invite Collaborator option.


  • Improved forwarding a case or message by adding the email signature in the email.
  • Improved quick replies by adding the option to select how many quick replies you see.
  • Improved quick replies by added the option to preview quick replies.
  • Improved how emails thread on the client side (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Live). Each email now goes in to the conversation thread. This way the customer can read the full history.
  • Improved the default mailbox setting by setting the reply-to address as the default for contacts.
  • Improved the WhatsApp workflow by removing the alert question for leaving the case.
  • Improved the label selector where the first label will be always selected
  • Improved the label selector by clearing the search field after adding a label


  • Fixed an issue where the sound notification was incorrectly ringing for chat conversations
  • Fixed an issue where the read more text went under the content of the message
  • Fixed an issue the preview window would not display all the messages in the conversation
  • Fixed an issue the preview window would sometimes have an incorrect date
  • Fixed an issue where the chat widget would glitch while selecting the comment field

To all our customers who gave feedback: Thank you for helping making Casengo even better!

Leave your own feedback at

Design update:

  • New design elements. We introduced new look and feel of the app with fresh style elements and more balanced color palette, making the interface more appealing and consistent over all.
  • Timeline & stacked messages. Chat conversations take way less space, because we now stack all chat messages in such a way that the dates are now obvious at a single glance.
  • New avatars. It’s now a lot easier to distinguish between conversation participants, whether they’re colleagues or customers. We used colours, patterns and initials to make clearer distinctions between avatars.
  • Improved related conversations. You can now easily preview and navigate old conversations whilst responding to the customer - without leaving the current conversation. No need to open and switch between tabs.
  • Quick collaboration. The forward case button is now in a more prominent place so you can easily invite others to help you answer your customers.
  • Email delivery verification. We removed the email delivery verification icon. We’re happy to say it had turned into an obsolete detail: over the last 6 months, our email solution shows a 99.98% correct delivery figure. So from now on, you’ll only notice an icon if an email was not delivered - which rarely happens.


  • Big counts in inbox are now in K's (999+) for teams and filters
  • Avatar now has an online indicator
  • Contact column in inbox now shows an avatar
  • Prevent navigation for label selector and other pop-up menu's resulting in undesired navigation
  • User menu now opens on click only to prevent mis-clicks
  • Unassigned is renamed to Unassigned Channels and is now at the bottom of the inbox list
  • Forward case is now collaborator case and moved to the middle for immediate access


  • Fixed an issue where attached labels from chat widget are not visible for new cases in case list
  • Fixed an issue where load more messages should keep the messages loaded inside a case when switching
  • Fixed an issue where the 'needs a reply' icon does not show correctly for newly created cases while in case list


  • You can now choose what language your knowledge base must be set to. English, Dutch, German, French, Russian or Portuguese. These settings are accessible via Admin > Knowledge Base > Settings


  • Improved the email templates:

    • removed conversation history from messages to customers (normal messages, forwarded messages)
    • removed sender name and sent date from messages send to customers (normal messages and forwarded messages)
    • removed dotted lines in all templates
    • reduced white space in all templates
    • removed anchor HTML tags from plaintext versions
    • changed template CSS to fix issue with Apple Mail where email is too much to the left
    • fixed issue where text was too small on mobile Apple Mail
    • some translation fixes
  • Increased search limits for message so that searching for cases on a word appearing late in a conversation message shows up in the search results.


  • Fixed an issue where replies from cc/bcc recipients to a case did not go to the case if email when forwarded
  • Fixed a bug when a user loaded more messages from a case and switched away from that case and back, all loaded messages had to be reloaded
  • Fixed an issue when new chat / email cases were pushed to the case list with a live update, they did not show the labels attached to them in the case list
  • Fixed an issue when a message was pushed to a case in the case list with a live update, the case's 'unread' (bold) and 'needs a reply' (red dot) were sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where emails with undisclosed recipients could not be fetched

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