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Casengo - WhatsApp customer service and web care software


Dutch customer service software provider Casengo presents the world’s first multichannel platform with a WhatsApp integration. The prototype, the result of a 24-hour “hackathon”, will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

The R&D team had 24 hours to prove that WhatsApp could successfully be added to Casengo’s customer service platform, which already helps businesses to easily manage emails, chat messages and social media posts. This short hack movie on YouTube shows the proof they pulled it off. ‘We analysed the WhatsApp protocol and managed to send the messages to Casengo and back again,’ Casengo founder Floris van der Veen explains. ‘We’re now using the prototype internally and it’s working fine.’

Customer service through WhatsApp is hot and happening, especially in Europe. Quite a few European companies are now using WhatsApp to help out their customers. They love to know that they’re displayed on their customers’ contact lists, ready to help out whenever they’re needed. WhatsApp, however, does not offer a public API, which makes it hard for businesses to use WhatsApp as a workable service channel. Casengo is currently the only multichannel helpdesk system to integrate WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has 650 million active users worldwide, with 380 million in Europe. Of all Europeans who use an instant messaging service, more than 60% use WhatsApp regularly. The service is less popular in the United States: 11% of all mobile users use WhatsApp regularly. ‘Casengo focuses on Europe, so the WhatsApp integration is a logical step for us,’ Mr van der Veen says. ‘We want our customers to be where their customers are: on WhatsApp.’

Casengo Enterprise and trial users will be able to manage WhatsApp conversations just as easily as emails, chat messages and social media posts. They will be able to prioritize, assign conversations to team members, view the customer’s history and use macros to respond quickly. This boosts both productivity and conversion. The integration will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

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Find more screen shots and a short hack video here.