New: Better export data, WhatsApp group support and more features

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Product update: WhatsApp group support, geolocation feature and the long-anticipated take-over button!

A couple of months ago, we released a new export feature that allows you to analyse your customer info more efficiently, exporting relevant data from messages, agents, contacts and conversations in CSV format. Today we added some pretty cool stuff that many of our users have been waiting for: WhatsApp group chat support, geolocation support and the infamous case take-over button.

Companies small and large have already discovered the power of WhatsApp for customer service purposes. Their customers enjoy personalised 1-on-1 conversations with their service reps. Particularly in the B2C market, WhatsApp is an all-time favourite thanks to its everlasting potential to improve customer satisfaction and conversion. Ten years after its founders offered the app in the Apple Store for the first time, WhatsApp is the most popular communication channel amongst consumers worldwide.

For B2B organizations, things are slightly more complicated. An extensive survey that we conducted amongst 200 B2B teams showed that quite a few of these teams could not benefit greatly from WhatsApp, relying too heavily on WhatsApp group chats. For them, WhatsApp was in no way easy, efficient or scalable to manage.

WhatsApp group chat support

We at Casengo have got your back. Our new WhatsApp group chat feature offers a robust alternative. You can now centralize all of your group chats within our platform, allowing you to handle these one-to-many chats with one or multiple employees simultaneously from one centralized inbox.

How does it work? When you or your clients create a group chat that includes your business number, the first message in that group will trigger a case in Casengo. All subsequent messages will be accumulated in this new case and pushed to the assigned people in your team. The names and phone numbers of the individual contacts are displayed along with each message received, allowing your customer service agents to easily identify your clients. Perfect if you want to use WhatsApp instead of email to share an issue with many colleagues or customers at once. Goodbye cc!

You can also use the new group chat feature to set up an internal help desk for your employees, or to instruct a group of service technicians or drivers (hello, Uber!) with a single message. And you might want to consider adding your personal agent’s WhatsApp number to a group, so he can follow up the conversation even outside of Casengo’s interface. Pretty cool, right?

Tracking down locations

We now support the option to receive geolocation through WhatsApp. Any geolocation (except live locations) will enter your Casengo inbox as a regular message. The message will contain a direct link to Google Maps for easy access. This feature helps delivery companies (or any company that sells products or services through WhatsApp) to easily track down locations for a smoother and more efficient customer experience.

Taking over control

Up next: the pretty awesome ‘take over’ button. With this one, your agents can take over a case that is handled by another agent, by pressing a single button. There are many situations where this button will come in handy, for example when your colleague locked a case and went off to lunch. Take notice that the button will not alarm the handling agent, nor give him or her the option to cancel your take-over. We suggest hitting this powerful button in moderation.

To activate the take-over feature, click on the icon in the top right corner of the Casengo inbox and go to ‘settings’. Then go to ‘right management’ and enable the button for each agent individually.

By the way, we currently provide 10% discount on all packages with WhatsApp to help you get going! Interested? Get in touch through Our support team would be glad to explain the benefits of our scalable solution, or to set up your account. And if you have any feedback for our product team, feel free to share through We’re all ears!