The new Casengo plugin for Wordpress

Emily  | term DIY (Do It Yourself) may have originated in the world of home improvement, but it has spread beyond fences and plaster. No wonder: DIY offers lower costs and greater flexibility. It's no surprise, then, that SMEs are loving the many tools that make DIY possible - also online. Wordpress is a prime example. This inexpensive content management system enables anyone to create a website and get their business online in minutes. Choose a Wordpress design template, add some customisation, input some content and pop in a few plugins - without having created a single string of code, you’ve built your own website. Of course, we think the first plugin you should add (even before the good ol’ All-in-One SEO plugin) is our very own. Once you’ve installed the Casengo plugin and updated the settings, you’ll find your website enriched with a free live chat widget. No need to hire someone to code for you - just click ‘Download’, and the widget is yours. If we could gift wrap it, we would. If you want to see the chat widget in action on a Wordpress blog, just click on the “Let’s Chat” button on thispage and start talking to us. Your experience will be very similar to what your visitors will experience if they click on the Casengo widget on your own blog. (Except the widget will be customised with your branding). You’ll handle the chat conversation via The Casengo application, which comes with additional benefits, such as email, phone and social media support. Plus, every Casengo account includes a customisable, online, self-service knowledge base you can point your customers to. Yes indeed, Casengo gives you an out-of-the-box knowledge base ready for you to populate with whatever information your (potential) customers would want to know about. It includes intuitive search functionality, plus a contact button to reach out to you - in case the answer to their very tough question just can’t be found. The knowledge base is hosted by Casengo, and easily managed in The Casengo application. Just don’t forget to put the link on your website (so your customers know where to find it) and to check out our tips for a killer support portal. Who needs coding when there’s DIY?