The Making of the Casengo Teaser Video

Emily  | 

Do you know those funny videos about animals chasing their own tail? Here’s one. That dog was us, Team Casengo, as we tried to make our first video. We pitched ideas, went round in circles a few times - and then finally caught on something that was better than our tail, or so we figured. We wrote a script, shot some footage, got the voice-over recorded by a lovely British friend (thanks Charlotte...) and started the editing process. But damn: what we caught was our tail after all! The concept just wasn’t materializing into the teaser video we wanted. So, sorry Charlotte - we had to go back to chasing our own tail, throwing out more ideas, and then some more. They were all lampooned for the same reason that the original video was canned: we were trying to do more than we could handle. Our idea was either too resource-intensive, too much off-brand, not X enough, not Y enough, or totally ZZZ. So, we chased our tails again. Until Thijs arrived at the genius idea of using existing footage. We had lift-off!

I discovered that a wealth of archival footage popup: true is available in the public domain for re-use. Most of this footage is so dated that copyright agreements have expired or the company no longer exists. So I watched through an abundance of retro commercials and selected images that could, in some way, create a little insight into Casengo - just enough insight to pique interest. We did get a little carried away with the footage, to be honest. The original version featured a doctor, a 4 year-old cowboy, a blonde beach babe and snippets of an old Colt beer commercial that amused us but added little to the storytelling. To get to the point of this blog: all that tail-chasing occurred because we thought ‘original video’ meant it had to be something created from scratch. Silly us! Original can refer to a new way of thinking, or a new way of using existing concepts. Which is exactly what The Casengo application is about! So I’d say: check out our first video! It should make you smile and wonder. Does it?