The best customer service articles of 2013

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At Casengo HQ, we're crazy about customer service. We even seem to be collecting pictures that say something about customer service (see left), and not a week goes by without one of us entering our canal-view office with a big smile or an angry frown, still melting or fuming about a great or awful customer experience. No wonder, then, that we love writing about customer service! Some of our blog articles cover topics that are red hot at that very moment, so those are pretty cold after a month or two. But many of the blog pieces we wrote in 2013 are still relevant now that it's 2014... So here they are: last year's best customer service blogs!
January Improving your online customer service popup: trueSelf-service, Facebook, macros and live chat. That's a super combo right there to improve your customer service level. Read on to learn how to go about it.

FebruaryWhy customers choose their channels popup: trueSpecific communication channels are chosen for specific reasons, from convenience to anonymity. Understanding more about communication drivers means you'll understand your customers a whole lot better.

MarchDelivering customer service like a 5-star hotel popup: trueHotels - especially luxury ones - are in a unique position to deliver exceptional customer service. How can online retailers impart a 5-star impression on their customers every single day?

AprilDelivering superior email customer serviceAlthough email is a passive medium, it has great potential to delight customers.Here’s a bunch of tips to achieve exceptional email customer service.

MayA beginner's guide to live chat and online customer serviceYou’ve made the decision to take online customer service seriously. Great! Now get your customer support team members ready, whether's they's 2 or 12 of them.

June3 steps to being the best at customer service Customer service? Many SMEs tend to overlook this crucial business element. Pave the way for long-term repeat business with these concrete service tips.

JulyLive chat software: 5 benefits for webshops Most great webshops are backed up by live chat software. A free live chat button offers many more advantages than meets the eye. Check out these 5 benefits.

August3 ways to take your customer support to the next level How can your customer support team take the leap from good to great? We offer you 3 ways to take your customer support to the next level!

September3 ways to think big whilst being smallMany SMEs look at the things they can’t do and the ways they can’t compete. But they also have a couple of major advantages over the big boys!

OctoberUsing macros to speed up email response times You can save yourself loads of typing (and being bored) by using macros. These canned responses boost your productivity and reduce response times. A short guide.

November3 customer service lessons learnt from other retailers’ mistakesWe turned the key findings of Accenture's9th annual Global Consumer Pulse Surveyinto 3 lessons you can apply to improve your own customer service.

DecemberBoosting your webshop conversion rate in 5 easy stepsWhen webshop owners get together, conversion is the buzz word. Follow these 5 easy steps, and you’ll start turning your visitors into customers in no time!