Social CRM: 5 of the best social resources

Emily  | 

We all love a ‘tip’ guide, so we’ve come up with our Holy Grail. These tips (in no particular order) can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to get up-to-speed on the social CRM opportunities that await them. So need to improve your social media reputation, understand the ways in which you can engage customers on social media, or just get the quickest suggestions for tools to aid your business?

Social Media Examiner From reports, to courses and interesting articles on just about all social media marketing tools in between.

Business2Community More than social media advice, you will find interesting articles about branding, entrepreneurialism and sales. Actually, anything that converges on business, social and technology can be found here.


mashable.comThe Mashable franchise has spawned many off-shoots (Mashable Tech, Mashable Social Media etc), so navigating the site for particular advice can prove lengthy. We recommend you go straight for the ‘search’ facility.

Social Media Explorer

socialmediaexplorer.comCome here for insightful content about tactical social media engagement. Social Media Explorer follows the thought leaders, interprets their messages and shares its relevance with you.

Chris Brogan If you had to put a face to social media mentoring, it would be Chris Brogan’s. Get information from the horse’s mouth and sign up for the updates.