Phone calls? Emails? No: teens are all about WhatsApp.

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UPDATE FEB 3, 2015: Casengo adds WhatsApp to customer service software popup: true.

Jolanda (16) decided to spend her work experience week at Casengo HQ. Yes, we had a resident teen for 5 whole days!It was a delight to learn more about today's adolescents, tomorrow's consumers...


As you might have read in the previous blog post, I – Jolanda Hindess – am visiting Casengo HQ this week. All of my classmates at the Don Bosco College in Volendam have to do some work experience, and I picked Casengo because I might want my further education to be about social media. As soon as I arrived at Casengo HQ, my supervisor wanted to know which tools I, as a 16-year-old, use to communicate. Well, if the WhatsApp button on my smartphone could wear out, it would have needed a replacement ages ago! And I’m certainly not the only one with a WhatsApp addiction: WhatsApp is by far the favourite way to communicate for almost every teen of my age.

WhatsApp: faster than email

The best thing of WhatsApp is that people – especially those who are permanently attached to their phone – respond quickly. They do so a lot faster than if I’d send an email! This makes WhatsApp great for important messages, but it’s also very handy if you just what to chat randomly. I use WhatsApp for almost everything: from asking what’s for dinner to endless conversations that don’t really make sense. You can only chat with someone through WhatsApp if you’ve got that person’s mobile number. If I don’t, I use Facebook messaging – using my phone, of course. However, if it looks like the conversation will take longer than a couple of messages back and forth, we’ll exchange numbers and go back to little old WhatsApp. For me, Facebook is just a constant stream of messages and videos from friends – nothing more than a fun way to waste your time.

A decent email address

Phone calls? I don’t make many. I think my limit is 90 minutes per month, and I am never even close to exceeding that limit. If I have a very urgent thing to say, or a long story to tell, I’ll pick up my phone to make an old-fashioned phone call. But otherwise I definitely prefer ‘apping’. Sending emails is something I do even less. I’ll only do so if it’s about something formal, like getting in touch with a teacher, or sending a book report to a classmate. I don’t even have a decent, respectable email address. Only when I was sending an email to Casengo to discuss this internship did I think: maybe I should get an address that shows a little more maturity… _

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UPDATE FEB 3, 2015: Casengo adds WhatsApp to customer service software popup: true.