Online shopping in 2018

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UPDATE FEB 3, 2015: Casengo adds WhatsApp to customer service software popup: true.

Jolanda (16) decided to spend her work experience week at Casengo HQ. Yes, we had a resident teen for 5 whole days!It was a delight to learn more about today's adolescents, tomorrow's consumers...

I’m the customer of the future. There is no doubt about that. When I’ll be fully participating in society 5 years from now, how will I want to do my shopping? Not just online shopping; human beings need exercise and fresh air. When I want need new clothes or shoes, I’ll still be hitting High Street. But you can be sure that I’ll buy the boring, standard stuff right from behind my desk.

WhatsApp for companies

A couple of months ago, I needed a new lamp for my scooter. I went online and bought it. Delivery: 2 to 5 days. After 10 days, my package still hadn’t arrived. I sent the company an email. But email didn’t seem to be on their priority list: 2 days later, they still hadn’t replied. I grabbed my phone – and I was lucky enough that they picked up straight away. They told me they’d completely forgotten my order… Weird. But hey, they’d sort it out straight away, and I did get the package 2 days later. My new lamp! In the wrong colour. I phoned them again, but this time I wasn’t quite as lucky: nobody cared to pick up the phone. After a couple of tries, I gave up. This could have gone much better, right? I think that’s where the future lies. Might it be possible that in 5 years’ time, I can send these guys a WhatsApp message? You know how much I dig WhatsApp. ‘Hey, I ordered something a week ago, how’s that doing?’ Let’s get rid of formalities: when companies and their customers are more aligned, they’ll understand each other better. And surely that’ll make everyone happier.

Thursday 13 December 2018…

You order a pair of Vans online. As soon as you’ve paid, a message pops up on your phone: ‘Thanks for your order! Your shoes will arrive within 2 workdays.’ On Sunday you’ll get a second text: ‘Hi, your order will be delivered at 12.10 tomorrow afternoon. Does that not work out? Give us a shout!’ You answer: ‘Thanks! But I’m not home tomorrow, please drop the package off at number 12.’ Win-win-win. You’re happy, knowing exactly when your package will arrive. Your neighbours are happy, never having to accept your orders unless you let them know in time. And the company is happy, because they can deliver their products swiftly.

Social media 5 years from now

Imagine you’ve just bought a red dress online. Every site you go to right afterwards shows a banner with dresses that are almost exactly the same as the one you’ve just bought. I think this kind of advertisement is going to get better in the future. You don’t need a red dress anymore – you just bought one. But you might a nice pair of pumps, or a beautiful clutch to match your new dress. And maybe you’ll even get a message on WhatsApp with a bunch of useful suggestions. On top of that, I think we’ll be able to place orders a lot more directly. Sometimes you see adverts with a button that says: ‘BUY NOW.’ Perhaps that a Facebook ad will lead to a payment page right away. Fill in your credit card details, and you’re done! Hmmm… Let’s get myself a credit card first! Only two more years of waiting… _

This is Part 3 of Jolanda's trilogy.

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UPDATE FEB 3, 2015: Casengo adds WhatsApp to customer service software popup: true.