Introducing the new Casengo Inbox

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We're proud to announce that we just released a fresh user interface of our customer service app. Both graphic design and user interaction flows received a huge upgrade, helping you to provide outstanding customer service even faster. The new design makes your Casengo Inbox more reliable, responsive, easy to use — and we are positive it’s a sturdy foundation for future innovations.

Delivering a cleaner view

We started working on the new look and feel from early October, after months of gathering feedback from our most active users. Our main goal: making conversations more clear-cut. The new Inbox will help you focus on what is important to your customer at that very moment. Most functionalities haven’t changed, but sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and if we did our job well, you’ll notice our platform’s new simplicity right away.

We tackled:

New design elements
We introduced new look and feel of the app with fresh style elements and more balanced color palette, making the interface more appealing and consistent over all.

Timeline & stacked messages

Chat conversations take way less space, because we now stack all chat messages in such a way that the dates are now obvious at a single glance.

New avatars

It’s now a lot easier to distinguish between conversation participants, whether they’re colleagues or customers. We used colours, patterns and initials to make clearer distinctions between avatars.

Improved related conversations

You can now easily preview and navigate old conversations whilst responding to the customer - without leaving the current conversation. No need to open and switch between tabs.

Quick collaboration

The forward case button is now in a more prominent place so you can easily invite others to help you answer your customers.

Email delivery verification

We removed the email delivery verification icon. We’re happy to say it had turned into an obsolete detail. So from now on, you’ll only notice an icon if an email was not delivered - which rarely happens.

Coming up: a bunch of new stuff

We’re not done yet. The next few weeks, we’ll be updating the contact timeline and the management site and will start adding more event integrations.

But first things first: how does this design update work for you? We hope it will dramatically improve your day-to-day work in Casengo. Please share your thoughts on