“Helping businesses get there” Inside Casengo #5

Emily  | 

Meet Hanneke Bauer (1985), our attractively blonde Customer Care Consultant. Intimidating? No way. Her people skills and extensive knowledge of business processes come in handy when guiding customers through the early stages of implementation. There’s a lot to think of, preparation and setup wise, when the number of customer service agents goes beyond a handful. “When people make a choice for a customer support application, there’s a lot of enthusiasm and energy - a willingness to jump right in,” Hanneke explains. “Everything - from the existing environment and procedures, to installation, customization and business objectives - needs to be considered.” Hanneke assists clients to determine and achieve realistic targets, and offer advice regarding implementation and the impact to all areas of the business, not just support. Hanneke, who’s worked with other software in the past, sees Casengo as a tool that will grow with customers’ needs. “Enhancing webcare with social media is the next step forward for businesses of all sizes, and Casengo will soon add more social media integrations to help businesses get there. It’s very exciting.” When asked to sum up Casengo in three to five words, Hanneke firmly states: “Pioneering, innovative, flexible.” Hanneke’s position is a unique one, and she’s really made it her own. “I’m proud of developing the role of consultant, and filling the void that existed between sales and support.” She should also be proud of her fitness dedication! And when this gym junkie isn’t at work, or working out, she’s either travelling or immersed in Amsterdam life, “enjoying time with friends and family, and absorbing the energy this great city has to offer”. So folks, if you need advice about implementing Casengo in your business - or about the Amsterdam party scene - Hanneke is the woman to ask.****