Feature update: emailing just got easier!

Mike  | 

Is live chat the only reason you’re using Casengo? You might want to give our other features a try, then. Start handling your customer emails more efficiently, for instance – that’s something Casengo can really help you with. And thanks to the new update, emailing just got easier!

Adding a new mailbox

Adding a mailbox has never been easier for Premium and Enterprise users. An additional mailbox is ideal for companies maintaining multiple websites. If you don’t want to check every individual inbox for new emails, just link them to Casengo and you will be able to handle all your emails within a single application.

How do you do that? Open The Casengo application, go to the “admin site” and select “Mailboxes” on the left of the “channels” tab. Click on the button that says “Add mailbox”. A new window will appear. Name your mailbox and select the correct FROM- address.

Once you press the “Save” button, you will receive an email address. Make sure you forward your emails from your corporate email to this address. For more information about email forwarding, check out this support article.

Selecting the correct email address

Our new mailbox system allows you to respond with the appropriate email address. Say you get an email in your “info@company-a.com” mailbox, your reply will automatically be sent from this address. No more switching!

And if you are not sure whether you are responding with the proper email address, just click the “show details” button above the text field. You will then see the to and from address right away. If you want to send a new email (rather than replying), just select the correct “from address”.

Creating a signature for each mailbox

Signatures are no longer bound to your account. From now on, you can create a signature for each individual mailbox within Casengo. Open The Casengo application, go to the “admin site” and select “Mailboxes” on the left of the “channels” tab.Go to your mailbox and press the icon. You can now customize your signature. Your signature supports HTML. Just make sure you enabled the ‘Markdown’ function, to be found in the ‘Agent App’ at ‘Agent settings’. casengo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/mailbox-4-ENG.png

Go on: end the chaos in your inbox using Casengo and get back in control.