CRM and social customer support are booming

Emily  |

The customer is always right. We've heard it so often it's now nothing but a bleak cliche. But have you thought this ultimate CRM codethrough? Do you realize what it means for you as a business owner? Customers are kings. Whether shopping online or offline, they decide how successful your business will be. Companies that fail to see this, find themselves getting lost in the failed business abyss. A dark and dingy place, scaring all business owners to their very core.

CRM software is a must-have

‘Going social’ meant an entirely different thing today than it did 20 years ago. Similarly, business jargon has also evolved. What used to be known as good old customer service is now called CRM: customer relationship management. Thank you notes, promotional products, cold calling - they've all pretty much been replaced by emailing, social networking and live chats. To better handle their CRM needs, companies now rely heavily on customer support software. In fact Gartner has forecasted that businesses will spend about 36 billion dollars popup: true on CRM popup: true by 2017 popup: true. This forecast is useful for all business owners. It helps them realize the immense importance of using customer support software.

Go on - be Casengo's king!

Customer support software is no longer just a stagnant and uncreative auto-responder. At least, Casengo popup: true isn’t. Our interactive and proactive social CRM atmosphere makes your customers feel like kings. And as you are our king, it’s not complicated for you to work with. Quite the opposite: we built Casengo with you in mind, so our customer support application is simple, solid, and beautiful. Add a delicious design and we bet you'll be smiling! Casengo is a unique cloud application that’s integrated the best of email and chat, helping online businesses and web shops achieve their CRM potential. Get started with Casengo today popup: true and learn what it’s all about.