Coming soon: the follow-up feature

Emily  |
Once in a while, every SME gets a customer question so complex it can't be answered right away. We at Casengo popup: true noticed that these tough cases sometimesget forgotten about - we use the application ourselves and have been in those situations ourselves. Having changed the case status from 'open' to 'pending', we tend to forget all about it. So coming up this month: a small but very powerful feature to eliminate this risk and to nurture leads better than ever. Nothing will slip through the cracks anymore.So what is this follow-up feature all about? Every time you want to change a case status to 'pending', you'll be asked whether you'd like to set a follow-up date. On that day and time, you'll see a notification appearing in the bottom left corner of your screen - and the case status will automatically be changed to 'open' again. This means it will appear on top of your 'open' cases with a special icon to remind you it used to be a pending case, and needs to be followed up asap. Never forget about a customer again!