Casengo's new website - groovy baby!

Emily  | a slightly nervous first-time actor, Casengo has been hiding behind the beta sign-up curtain for too long. High time to step out into society and unveil a bit of ourselves. So let us introduce you to the new popup: true! It’s still a work in progress, but isn’t everything? We invite you to take the journey with us back in time - we’re going retro, baby! We’re fond of the 60s, those good ol’ days when service station attendants would fill your car with gas and clean the windshield while they were at it, when jolly dairymen would deliver your milk right on your doorstep, when elevator operators would personally ask you which department you wanted and select the appropriate floor for you, when local college kids would bag your groceries at the supermarket while calling you Sir or Madam - by golly, there was warmth in those actions and voices, and sometimes even a genuine interest in who you were. Technology has taken us elsewhere. We connect with more people, but do we actually connect more? The simple pleasure of good customer service is a thing of the past for many companies. That’s one big baby being thrown out with the bathwater... which is why Casengo combines modern technology with the customer service mindset of yesteryear, putting the human touch back in customer support. So tell your friends and tell your neighbours: there’s a new app in town. And if you haven’t tried Casengo, sign up now. Psst, if you want to talk about our website design, please share your thoughts in the comments.