Casengo talks privacy

Emily  |
Last Friday Casengo’s co-founder, Floris van der Veen, was interviewed by an illustrious BNR reporter and his sidekick. We’re talking about the only national radio station in the Netherlands dedicated to round-the-clock news and commentary - exciting! The BNR cross-examiners set the news agenda for their 1.2 million listeners, and in Casengo’s case, that agenda concerned data privacy. Data protection and privacy has been of great concern to companies and individuals for a long time now. We address these concerns both within our technology, and from a policy point of view that's in line with EU directives. Casengo employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure secure login to both the agent and admin environments of our software. SSL encryption protects password information to keep data secure on the world wide web. In addition, and based on recent customer feedback, we have introduced a mandatory password reset function on first login, requiring all users to define their own password upon account creation. This reinforces data security. Casengo does not disclose or sell customer data to third parties, and to minimise data breaches, all data is stored in a separate cloud environment. So thanks, BNR, for touching on a topic that is often on the tips of everyone’s tongue! And for any concerns regarding data protection - or your Casengo account in general - don’t ever hesitate to email us.