Casengo in the Dutch Financial Times

Emily  |
It’s a big week for Casengo: we’re releasing the public beta version of world’s smarter customer support app on Wednesday. Our developers are busy with the final touches, our marketing guru is frantically preparing press releases, and our founders are, well, grinning at themselves. In the newspaper, that is! That’s right: Holland’s Financial Times (Het Financieele Dagblad) figured we were fit for print. Reporter Marcel Hooft van Huysduynenpaid us a 90-minute visit last Thursday. Photographer Peter Strelitski joined us a day later to take our picture. The result popup: true is stunning: we got almost a full page in the Young Entrepreneur popup: truesection of the newspaper.

A few quotes for non-Dutch speakers: > Both brothers say they're 'awfully pigheaded', which results in regular quarrels. Thijs van der Veen (32): "Floris is the one with commercial sense, while I'm more technical and creative. It often makes us clash, but in the end, it works. We complement each other."

And, more on the financial side of things: > Casengo aims to have 1.000 paying users by the end of 2013. To finance its growth, the brothers are looking for a suitable investor: an investment company or a wealthy entrepreneur. Floris van der Veen (35): "We ready for a typical series A round."

Accompanying the article, there's Strelitski popup: true's priceless picture of five smiling faces (plus Floris, who's actually roaring with laughter). The title is appropriately positive:‘Brothers are intent on new growth spurt with chat software for SMEs.’ Nah, we don't think Casengo should have been referred to as 'chat software' - customer service is so much more - but hey, let's not split hairs: we're in raptures over this article. Let's hope it's is only the beginning of many more enthusiastic articles!