Be the Bruce Springsteen of customer engagement

Emily  | 

If web traffic to your site is expanding but conversion isn’t, chances are your customer service is to blame. Just like Bruce Springsteen, we want your customer support to rock. Not just once, but consistently. And not only in 2012, but till the end of days. You weren’t born to walk: you were born to run. Towards your customers, that’s right! Become The Boss by listening to Springsteen’s Seven Songs of Customer Engagement.

Glory Days

Once upon a time you were pretty sure you’d made it: you got yourself a pretty-looking website and a real ‘email address’. You were the first of your friends to take your retail business online – you rascal! – and you were open-minded enough to realize that advertising in the Yellow Pages just wouldn’t do anymore. Those were the days! Except for one thing: you never imagined that, eventually, online shoppers would want to serve themselves. Eventually they’d want to find the answers to their questions by doing anything but asking YOU for help. Eventually has arrived: and if your site doesn’t offer an answer within two clicks, there’s a competitor whose does. Add a resource portal and don’t let your website get stuck in the glory days.

Lost in the Flood

Only a few of those beloved customers who didn’t find any answers on your website, give you a second chance: they bother to email you. It’s up to you to pick up on their questions and make them happy – or lose them forever. How capable is your Outlook or Gmail inbox at handling the flood of incoming enquiries? What if you can’t easily assign emails to a colleague, know at a glance whether he already responded or not, keep a history of conversations, or easily identify which enquiries are still outstanding? Then you need to find a support solution popup: true that can.

Better Days

There are better days ahead for e-tailers. Europe has finally embraced live chat, a tool which many American businesses could not function without. Live chat is necessary to alleviate your customer’s hunger for information. Contact forms are so last-century: by the time you get back to your customer, he’s found an alternative solution. Try providing your customers with online shopping immediacy, and you’ll be amazed at what happens next.

Born to Run

With the right email and chat solution in place, there’s only thing holding your support team back: the time it takes them to answer common questions. An internal knowledge base is absolutely crucial in businesses that want to succeed in today’s world of fast searches and quick clicks. Don’t let information reside in one or two employees’ heads; collect this wisdom and make it easily searchable for everyone. Now anyone from the CEO to the newly arrived intern can sprint through enquiries.

Human Touch

It’s difficult to have meaningful conversations and give life to your brand over the internet. Or is it? With social media you can easily engage with your customers, pamper your VIPs with special attention, and demonstrate what makes your company tick. You’re not a robot or a ‘thing’; you’re a group of people doing something totally worth checking out. If your customer support solution allows you to create Twitter searches for keywords in your industry, you can reach out to new potential customers and be sure you’re serving existing clients to their needs. Wouldn’t it be a pity not to do so?

Blinded by the Light

Now that you’ve seen the business case for implementing email, chat and social media capabilities, you’re blinded by the possibilities and the plethora of products you’ve uncovered for handling one or other of these components, or all three. From the blindness you can hear the bells and whistles of products that promise to handle your customer support and have dinner on the table when you get home. An extensive feature list is great, but if you don’t need enterprise capabilities, it’s money down the drain. Psst, if you’re a small business, you might even solve your needs for FREE. Hallelujah!

Local Hero

With the right tools, you can easily overhaul customer support. It will improve sales, turning you into the local hero of your company. You’ll be somebody. You’ll be The Boss. So for an all-in-one self-service portal, email, chat, knowledge base and social media engagement, try out Casengo today. It’s new, it’s free – and it might just rock your world. Thanks for signing up! You’ve got mail...