Kelly Atkinson

Super Blogger

Kelly isn’t truly ours. She’s hers. As a freelance translator and editor, blogging for Casengo is just one of the things she does. But customer service does mean something special to her. ‘A few years back, I was the Trend Report Coordinator for, a firm that tracks consumer trends. That meant being in charge of online customer service worldwide. I would wake up to the messages from Australasia, spend all day dealing with Europe, and finally the Americas would come online in the afternoon and evening.’ isn’t just another company. ‘It was extremely focused on providing the very best customer service. I learned to sit on my hands when an email came in which was really rude or arrogant. My boss would remind me: “We can cry all the way to the bank!” For the most part, of course, the customers were lovely. I learned so much about being efficient with macros while still giving a personal and above all helpful reply.’

The main reason why Kelly enjoys writing for Casengo is that she truly believes Casengo helps companies to be better at customer service. ‘I see so many businesses making so many silly mistakes with their customers. They need our help.’ That, and she loves our office. ‘It’s an old canal house, so light and airy with a magnificent view. I love being able to ride my bike to work…’

Kelly studied Commerce & Economics before going for a practical Film & Television degree. She has lived in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. ‘I moved to Amsterdam because of my passion for the Dutch social history of World War II. And I always wanted to learn anotherlanguage.’ Kelly lives just outside the centre of Amsterdam with various characters including her cat Thijsje – little Thijs – who’d never leave her side if it was up to him.

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