Never miss another post on your company’s Facebook Page


Casengo, the cloud application that helps companies deliver first-rate customer service, now supports Facebook Pages. This enables webshops and other businesses to respond to (potential) customers from within Casengo – and never miss another post or comment.

Casengo users can now easily connect their company’s Facebook Page to their Casengo account. Every post on the Page gets turned into a customer case. It automatically lands in the team inbox, where it can be opened and responded to from within the Casengo application. The response appears as a normal comment on Facebook.

“Social media platforms are redefining the world of customer support,” says Floris van der Veen, Casengo’s founder. “Customers are moving away from nine-to-five call centres to 24/7 support, using email, live chat, Twitter and Facebook. Many loyal and engaged returning customers, who represent 80% of revenue, turn to Facebook to engage with a company.”

The new integration is an absolute asset for many current Casengo users, a short survey suggested. 81% of survey respondents created a Facebook Page for their company, and 58% of these Pages get checked at least once a day. “Our survey showed that small business owners hate missing a potential customer’s question or complaint on Facebook. Those days are gone!”

Next up is the Twitter integration, coming to Casengo users at the start of 2014.