Anti-pillar to post software


Today is the day we scored our first editorial in a national daily paper!

De Volkskrant, Holland’s largest newspaper aimed at highly-educated readers, dedicated its Gat in de markt feature (‘Gap in the market’) to Casengo. They call our software ‘anti-pillar to post’ – which we absolutely love, because it’s so true.

The article is written as an interview with our founder, Floris van der Veen. Some quotes:

‘With (Casengo) you prevent customers being sent from pillar to post. For instance, when a complaint is redirected from one customer service agent to another. With Casengo, whomever responds to a complaint, sees its entire history at a single glance.’

‘Our software is free for every first user and that will never change. We think people will be so enthusiastic they’ll automatically become ambassadors for our product.’

‘So far, we funded everything out of our own pocket. We’re now seeking external investors to expand our business. We want to be the European market leader within the foreseeable future.’

So go ahead and put on your sunglasses, folks! The future is brighter than ever.