The 10 hottest plugins for WordPress


Which of the 34,100 WordPress plugins rule the world today? The Casengo WordPress Study 2014 shows that despite the system’s well-known vulnerabilities to attack, four in ten surveyed websites are not protected by security plugins. Most popular are those plugins measuring visitor behaviour and helping users to build traffic through SEO.

Last week’s statistics show that WordPress, the free and open source blog publishing and content management system, now powers 23.2% of the internet. Casengo surveyed over 330 WordPress users. The study covers 10 hot categories, of which Web Analytics and SEO are by far the most popular. Last on the list are the A/B Testing plugins. On average, 5.6 popular plugins are installed on all surveyed websites.

Not surprisingly, Google Analytics is the biggest favourite amongst WordPress users, followed by WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is remarkable, however, that social sharing beats security: only 60.4% of surveyed users installed a security plugin such as All in One WP Security & Firewall, whereas 65.3% boost social networking with a plugin like Jetpack.

Many WordPress users go out of their way to attract more online visitors, but once there, they are pretty much neglected. To increase conversion, websites could be enriched with a live chat plugin (installed by 12.4% of all surveyed users), and structural A/B testing could be done to learn what resonates with potential customers.

You’ll find the pdf file with the entire study attached below. For an overview of the 10 most popular plugins with their relevant links, please see the press release attached.

Download the Casengo WordPress Study 2014 here.