Joppe Groot

Happy Customer Dreamer

We call this youthful creature Job le Grand, which would be the silly translation into French. Why do we call him that way? It just cracks us up. That’s what Joppe does to us: he cracks us all up.

His official function is Customer Support and Sales Rep – which is more awesome than it sounds. ‘ I love hearing what our users like about our app, or what they’d want to see more of. And I love the way their feedback is a call to action to the Casengo team.’

Job le Grand was an intern before he was considered funny enough to actually stay on board. ‘I saw the company grow. More people, more skills.’ We took him on as an intern in 2013 because he was studying (and still claiming to be finishing) Small Business & Retail Business. ‘I know how SMEs work and what’s important to them. My interest in customer service began while studying: it became clear to me that customer service is the new marketing.’

Come again? But he’s right: instead of high marketing budgets, smart companies need good customer service. Make a customer happy, and he’ll do the marketing for you. Job le Grand knows what he’s talking about: he grew up in his parents’ century-old shoe shop. ‘My mum and dad taught me that when the customer is happy, they’ll keep coming back. Moreover, they’ll spread the word.’

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