Emily Gordts

Word Girl

‘Sorry, I can’t do that [marketing] thing for you. I don’t know anything about [marketing]. All I do is write.’

Emily is known to say this when turning down a certain [marketing] thing she has no interest in. She’s so passionate about good writing she can’t handle much else. Just as well. Casengo values fine texts. So Emily writes or edits all of those texts, makes sure @twitter and @twitternl do what they’re supposed to do, and coordinates the company blog.

Emily holds a BA in Modern Languages – French and Italian – from the University of Oxford and an MA in Journalism from the University of Amsterdam. Before going solo in 2009, she worked at a major national newspaper (Trouw, where she spent three months learning basic stuff about both journalism and the Netherlands), a major weekly magazine (Elsevier, where she was a very active economics all-rounder) and a major monthly business magazine (Quote, where she learnt to show her teeth).

The main reason why Emily left wage slavery: creative ambition. She’d been offered a chance to write her first novel. ‘Arty-farty’ got published in 2010, but didn’t get much attention. Instead of becoming a promising young novelist, she became a mother of four. But don’t worry, all is well! She’s finally working on her second novel – and we’ve heard it’s going to be a good one…

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