Using WordPress for a level playing field

Emily  | came across a pretty gripping Ernst and Young report popup: true) the other day, which brought to light the ‘consumer to partner metamorphosis’. Customers are more ‘empowered’ than ever, wanting to have a greater say in how they experience service. ‘They want products and services to be designed, sold, delivered, serviced and purchased in a way that suits them.’ In other words: consumers have turned into co-creators rather than passive consumers. Here’s how WordPress popup: true enables SMBs to affordably deliver the consumer experience these empowered customers are after.

1. CMSBig companies have big budgets to create impressive websites. Fortunately the little folks no longer need deep pockets or sugar daddies: they can create a free WordPress account and utilize the extensive directory of WordPress tools to enrich their website with all the features they want. No need to code.*TIP and popup: true offer different CMS tools. Before you create account, find out which tool suits your needs.

2. Themes Amazing website designs lead to an interactive customer experience, that experts are paid handsomely to mastermind. With a massive library of WordPress themes, small webshops can take advantage of the best industry practices out there, plus the latest design trends, all for under $100. TIP Check out our preferred resource popup: true for choosing a WordPress theme.

3. eCommerce plugins So now you’ve got your pretty website - but how about the shopping cart and payment page? That’s the scary part for many SMBs. Chances are your WordPress template has been created with an eCommerce plugin in mind. If you’ve done your research well and installed the best theme for your site, you’re now just a plugin away from accepting payments too. TIP Read about the best eCommerce plugins popup: true.

4. Customer support plugins Today’s empowered customers demand service on their terms. They want a searchable self-service knowledge base to access the information they need 24/7 - plus, they want the real-time interaction of live chat to facilitate the ‘co-creation’ process. TIP In our very objective and extremely humble opinion, the Casengo live chat widget popup: true is your best bet. Well, it’s not a bet at all: hundreds of web shop owners installed this plugin before you, customizing their knowledge base while they were at it. Casengo also allows you to manage your customer emails and social media messages from an easy, single application.* What’s that? You’ve got an idea for personalized iPad covers made from organic Alpaca wool? Sounds like a winner! There certainly is an empowered consumer out there just waiting to partner with you. So head over to WordPress popup: true now... What are you waiting for?