The power of chatbots in times of social distancing

Floris  | 

In these strange, uncertain times, it’s crucial for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. As the world locked down, many of Casengo’s users reported being overwhelmed by a tsunami of customer queries. More questions than ever, with less people to respond to them.

We decided to change our plans. We were supposed to release a highly anticipated new feature in March: our Automation and Business Rule Engine. We are now almost done with morphing this engine into a full-blown service bot system very soon. The Casengo bot will help companies satisfy more customers than ever via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, live chat, and (soon) Instagram Direct Message.

With Casengo Chatbot you add an excellent first-line service rep to your team. It allows you to easily program your most frequently asked questions into smooth, conversational scripts. Use the chatbot as your first point of contact. Review conversations and optimize your scripts to increase customer satisfaction. By reducing the number of transfers to your live customer reps, you’ll cut costs and enable your team to focus on more challenging cases.

How it works

The Casengo bot automates conversations using interactive scripting and your knowledge base. Answer questions at scale while letting your precious team members focus on customers that need a real voice.

Casengo’s interactive response Chatbot intelligently links incoming questions to relevant answers from your knowledge base or your other FAQ apps or your other apps. Unlike real people, it’s available 24/7 and can replace as many first-line support agents as needed. And it’s immune to COVID-19 😅. Do you want to give Casengo Chatbot a try? Reach out now and become a beta tester:
Join Chatbot beta

The chatbot acts like a co-worker in the Team Inbox and talks to your contacts as part of your Casengo account. Each chatbot conversation is treated as a separate case in the Casengo Inbox, allowing operators of the team inbox to easily review and, if needed, take over the conversation.

Connecting to other data sources

To make Chatbot really powerful will soon will enable you to hook up with other data sources. For example allowing users to request status updates from their order straight from external apps like your existing ecommerce, order tracking apps, and so on. Also Casengo Chatbot will support integrations based on If-This-Then-That-technology with third party web applications like Zapier. Stay up to date with our WhatsApp product updates to be the first to know.

Customer satisfaction surveys

As part of the chatbot roadmap we will soon add customer satisfaction surveys as part of the chatbot conversations. Understanding how chatbot conversations are perceived by your users will maximize relevance and increase user satisfaction.


Casengo Chatbot is available in the Enterprise and Elite plan. For more details checkout our pricing plans or reach out to us personally.