“So… what’s Casengo really like?”

Emily  | 

A short Q&A with a beta tester.

You’ve heard it before: Casengo is the smartest customer support app on the block. But then again, you’ve heard it from us – and we’re not the most objective judges, are we? Let’s introduce you to Alain Mulder, founder and owner of Totaal VvE Beheer, managing home-owners’ associations in the Netherlands. He switched from Microsoft Outlook to Casengo over a month ago.

Q: Why did working with Outlook turn into a struggle?
A: We promise our customers to reply to their emails quickly, but lately, this promise became impossible to keep. We’ve been welcoming lots of new customers, and Outlook didn’t provide an adequate overview. In the end, we lost track of crucial facts: whom did we already respond to, and what has each colleague said? Very frustrating.

Q: When did you actively start looking for a customer support app?
A: Actually, I wasn’t. I was just going nuts about yet another lost email when I came across a Casengo Facebook post. It said something like: ‘Having trouble with Outlook? Try Casengo!’ So I did.

Q: What was your first impression of Casengo?
A: I loved it. The interface is clean and devoid of any fuss, which I noticed right away. Everything works intuitively. That’s crucial, I think, because people are creatures of habit, and Casengo is so easy they won’t be inclined to organize their emails the way they did – or didn’t – back in their Outlook days.

Q: Did you require many directions before getting started?
A: Not at all; it was all very self-explanatory. I think anyone can start using Casengo right away, really.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being fabulous), how close is Casengo to what it should be?
A: 8, I’d say. There were a couple of small bugs when we started using the app, but they got fixed right away. We’re still getting used to the various categories, but every message that comes in through the general email address is already handled via the Casengo app. When we compose an email, we also try to do it using the app, because then it’s accessible to each colleague. Our email response times have increased dramatically. Casengo is like a smart to-do list; it stimulates us to work quicker and actually accomplish more each day. The hybrid messaging functionality works great, too; our customers took to it with remarkable enthusiasm. Wanting to chat with your customers shows them that you are able and willing to respond quickly, and that your company values this as much as your customers.

Q: Would you recommend Casengo to friends and business acquaintances?
A: Already did! And I’ll keep on doing so.