Release update: email signatures, and more

Emily  | latest update to our Mars release went live yesterday! Log in now to check out these new additions:
1. Default email signatures A much requested feature: you can now automatically add signatures to the bottom of every email you send from The Casengo application. No more copying and pasting! To enable this feature go to the Admin Site > Channels > Email Signature > and check ‘enable’. Create your email signature and hit ‘Save’. Once enabled, this email signature will be applied to every email from all agents. To personalize the signature for every agent, use the {AGENT_NAME} tag. Example: Kind regards, {AGENT_NAME} - More happy customers!

2. Absolute time/date notation From the universal inbox you can now see the exact date and time a case was updated by hovering over the contents of the ‘updated’ column. When opening a case, you can get this information by clicking on the short ‘time notification’ link (ie, click on “7 hours ago”, “yesterday”, “1 week ago” etc) for the full details.

3. Edit chat application default (system) messages There are two system-generated messages we give to visitors from the chat application: when trying to connect them to an agent, and, if no agent is available, they can leave a message and someone will get back to them. You can now customise these two ‘system messages’ from the Admin Site. Select the Channels tab > VIP Configuration > System Messages. Then choose ‘customize’ from the dropdown menu. Update the system messages with your own text and hit ‘Save’. We’re all for consistent branding!

4. Switch your reply mode You may have received a chat or email inquiry, and now you want to follow up with a phone call to the customer. To log this call, simply open the case, click the ‘change’ link above the reply field, select ‘outbound call’, input the details of your phone conversation and hit ‘log message’. Now you will always have a reference of this interaction. You can switch between logging inbound and outbound calls, to actually sending an email or chat reply via this ‘change’ link, where ‘auto’ will send the response as an email if the customer is offline, or as a chat message if the customer is online. Stay tuned, as there are more updates to the Mars release to come! ****