Choose FAQ language and improved email templates

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  • You can now choose what language your knowledge base must be set to. English, Dutch, German, French, Russian or Portuguese. These settings are accessible via Admin > Knowledge Base > Settings


  • Improved the email templates:

    • removed conversation history from messages to customers (normal messages, forwarded messages)
    • removed sender name and sent date from messages send to customers (normal messages and forwarded messages)
    • removed dotted lines in all templates
    • reduced white space in all templates
    • removed anchor HTML tags from plaintext versions
    • changed template CSS to fix issue with Apple Mail where email is too much to the left
    • fixed issue where text was too small on mobile Apple Mail
    • some translation fixes
  • Increased search limits for message so that searching for cases on a word appearing late in a conversation message shows up in the search results.


  • Fixed an issue where replies from cc/bcc recipients to a case did not go to the case if email when forwarded
  • Fixed a bug when a user loaded more messages from a case and switched away from that case and back, all loaded messages had to be reloaded
  • Fixed an issue when new chat / email cases were pushed to the case list with a live update, they did not show the labels attached to them in the case list
  • Fixed an issue when a message was pushed to a case in the case list with a live update, the case's 'unread' (bold) and 'needs a reply' (red dot) were sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where emails with undisclosed recipients could not be fetched