Export your customer and agent data for analysis

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Casengo now offers customer service managers the flexibility to export the raw data directly in CSV in Excel, allowing them to have a better high-level overview and to optimise their customer service processes even further. With basic Excel experience you will be able to turn these exports into valuable sheet of data that will give you insights in many important customer service KPI’s.

There are currently 4 different exports available:

  1. Agent export
  2. Contacts export
  3. Messages export
  4. Case report

You can configure the correct time slot for your reporting by adjusting the FROM and UNTIL dates. A maximum of 31 days of data can be exported at the time. Furthermore, you can also select your timezone to increase relevance.

The agent export consists of pre-computed metrics that relate to the most common KPI’s in the world of customer service, like the average resolve time, average response time and the total number resolved / picked up cases. Its a very useful overview if you want to review the performance of a specific user, or your whole team in general.

The contact export allows you to export all default contact information of your customers in Casengo. This can come in handy if you are planning to use a third party tool like Textpop to broadcast a Whatsapp messages to your WhatsApp contacts.

The messaging export includes all data of each individual sent and received message in Casengo, which is quite convenient when you wish to review the quality of the services your customer service agents are providing.

Last but not least we are offering an case export. This case export includes all of the raw data (like the response time and handling time) that we can possibly capture for each individual case. This export can be very useful if you would like to measure your KPI on a brand or channel level. The export also includes labels, allowing you to see what kind of enquiries your customer support team received.

The exports are available in all Elite packages. For more information on this feature, contact one of our product specialists through sales@casengo.com.

Do you like to share your feedback on this new feature, or do you have ideas how we could further improve our exports? Contact us on support@casengo.com. We would appreciate it!