Casengo loves Magento... and a new extension!

Emily  |
We gave you a WordPress plugin, and then a Drupal module, and now …. your very own Magento extension. A plugin, a module, an extension - call it what you will, it’s still the most feature-packed chat widget you’re ever going to add to your website. No need to hire someone to code for you - just install the extension in your Magento CMS and within minutes you’ll be conducting live chat sessions with any visitor to your website. You’ll love it, and they’ll love you. Why? Live chat enables you to resolve your customers’ issues faster, and with a more personal touch. Plus: Casengo gives you more than just live chat. Way more. Each Casengo account includes email, phone and social media support, so your customers can reach you however they choose. If they need to. Because each Casengo account also comes with a customisable, self-service knowledge base (also for free, free, free!), helping your customers find their own answers without any assistance from you. See what we mean by watching this short preview... Would you just like to see how the chat widget would work on your Magento site? Just click on the “Let’s Chat” button to the left of this blog post, and start talking to us. Your experience will be very similar to what your visitors will experience when they come to your website (except the widget will be customised with your branding). You can handle all chat conversations from The Casengo application, as well as emails, tweets and phone logs. Never lose track of customer engagement again! Sign up for a free Casengo account, install the extension in your Magento CMS and start customizing your knowledge base before competition catches on.