“Being challenged” Inside Casengo #8

Emily  | 

Ivan Krumov (1989) is the intern we couldn’t wait to keep. He brings his determination, focus and Bulgarian flavour to the Casengo table day in, day out. The depth of learning hasn’t changed much from his days as an intern, but that’s what keeps him going: “There’s a steep learning curve when you’re required to become skilled in new processes and technologies that you’re unfamiliar with - and this is multiplied when the responsibility for a project rests with you.” Being challenged is a definite perk of working for a startup, says Ivan. “I like the flexibility and the variety of developing a new product. I am learning new things all the time. For example, I’m working on the back-end now, but I am looking forward to delving into the user experience side of things. I feel I have already gained a lot of insight in this area in the last two years, but still there’s a lot left to learn.” Whilst most developers have a definite focus on either back-end or front-end, Ivan gets to spread his time across both, playing a significant part in product development. For him, this is another tick in the box for startups. “The opportunity to branch out in different directions and influence change is only possible with a young application. What’s great is the feedback driving this change, and our closeness to the customers - our end users.” The motivation to meet the expectations of our customers, and to do the best for the team, is a driving force for Ivan. “I’m proud of our continuous improvement in development quality. And I’m proud of how the IT team members support each other.” Casengo in three words? “Exciting, enriching, stimulating.” With all this drive and determination, you may wonder if Ivan ever takes time out to unwind - and we can say that he does. Like most young men his age, he has a few favourite clubs and bars in Amsterdam where you just may run into him on the weekend. Lang leve Amsterdam!