The new trainee role, whatsapp improvements and data exports

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The new Trainee role

What is a trainee?
A trainee is a new employee that starts out providing support and doing sales for your business. These trainees are not yet allowed to send messages to your customers directly, so you want them to create concept email messages that cannot be send to the customer directly. A normal agent or admin can review the message and send it in their name.

What rights does a trainee have?
A trainee can add one or more concepts in a case, edit them or delete them. A trainee can use comments to tag agents for a review.
Agents and Admin can send, edit or delete the concepts. They can also give feedback to the trainee by using comments with tagging.

How do you use this feature?
Go to the Casengo Inbox. Click on the right top user menu. Click on Settings and navigate to Rights management. From here you can change the rights of new users. Make sure that the user whose rights you are changing, is logged out before you proceed.

WhatsApp improvements

Send attachments
From the Casengo Inbox you can now send attachments with WhatsApp to your customers. Images, PDFs and doc files - think proposals, receipts and stock images - send away!

Start a conversation
You can now start a WhatsApp conversation proactively. Customers do not have to opt-in first. Very powerful, so handle with care...

Broadcast your message
Our friends from introduced the ‘Mailchimp for WhatsApp’ service. A fancy new plugin that allows you to broadcast any message to thousands of people in just a click. You can sign up at to get started.

Export your reports for Elite customers

Elite customers can now export their case, contact and message data any time they want with a date range (from - till). This will give our elite customers the necessary data to do their extensive reporting analysis in their own reporting tool of choice. File type: CSV, comma separated.

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