A faster Casengo and a faster workflow with mass actions

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The Amsterdam Summer was a long and busy one for Casengo. We saw the popularity of the new Teams functionality grow steadily, with our users connecting even more channels to our app - some email, some chat and many WhatsApp - managing incoming messages more effectively than ever before.

We also noticed a huge increase in the number of email, Facebook and WhatsApp messages being exchanged through Casengo. Great news for our team, but quite the challenge on a technical level. To deal with the traffic increase we had to re-engineer a large part of the Casengo processor. A huge task, but the engines are roaring like a lion now!

A lot of our users provided quicker answers: they discovered the shortcut to knowledge base articles in the pre-chat environment. Also, Casengo’s new productivity features were battle-tested, with over 170.000 quick replies being used in just one month.

Our new tagging system added a lot of value for team communication. Tagging colleagues wherever you find yourself in the Casengo app helps to keep people posted about what’s going on, all within our app. You no longer have to leave the Casengo Inbox to give your customer the correct response, which greatly increases efficiency.

We have done our utmost to keep Casengo as stable and fast as possible whilst dealing with the growth, and we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are very aware of the fact that we would not have been able to address the most pressing issues without your feedback. Thank you for your patience and your trust in our product, and rest assured we took care of most problems.

Underneath, you will find a list of everything that changed. For the better!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us any time, in any way.

Mass actions

Tired of closing each case individually? We were too. So now you can now do mass actions on your cases!

  • Mark as read
  • Mark as unread
  • Assign to me
  • Unassign from me
  • Mark as new
  • Mark as open
  • Mark as pending
  • Mark as resolved
  • Mark as closed
  • Move to trash
  • Restore from trash

How do you use this feature?
You can check the checkbox to select all, read or unread messages and perform a mass action.

You can also select a range of cases by selecting one case, then hold the select key while clicking on another case in the list. This way the range of cases will be selected.

Faster email processing

There has been an exponential growth in email traffic. Existing high volume customers added even more mailboxes during this period, and many new customers added their first mailbox. This resulted in our email processor(s) stressing out, causing slight delays in receiving. This forced us to re-engineer the way we process email messages. For Casengo users that are on our dedicated mail service, this means that the new architecture enabled us to process messages in just a few seconds. Accounts using POP3(s), IMAP(s) are unaffected.

Better security with OWASP

With the increase in email messages came an increase in emails containing malicious code. To protect you from errors in the inbox, we have sharpened the rules and are now filtering out potentially malicious code more aggressively. This is an automated process and doesn't take any human interaction.

Faster loading of the inbox

The Casengo Inbox tends to get slower over time when you have a lot of cases in your account (300.000+). We worked around the clock to battle the slowness of loading huge case-lists. This resulted in an overall reduction of the load time with 3 seconds!

Faster WhatsApp processor

We've noticed that WhatsApp QR code scans can take a while if you’re using an old phone. On the Casengo side, we wanted to make sure the QR code scan still works on slower phones. We fixed some of the issues, but we do highly recommend you to connect your WhatsApp channels with a recent phone (an iPhone 7 at least, or a premium Android phone).

Thanks for reading and don't forget to share your feedback!