4 free tools to convert online shoppers to paying customers

Emily  | 

There are lots of variables between your product and the transaction confirmation page. If you’ve got the foundations of your website nailed - great design, logical user experience, visible calls to action - you’ve already put your best foot forward. Now it’s time to propel your business even further! And the internet treasure-chest offers a number of fantastic tools to help you increase conversion - for free.

1. Improve the responsiveness of your customer service team with Casengo
****The Casengo application is an all-in-one web application for supporting customers via chat, email, phone and social media. The unique technology behind the application enables users to turn a static email into a real-time chat conversation. Seize the moment: reach out and capture the customer before they get into the mode of comparison shopping. First license is free forever!

2. Show your customers what you’re talking about with join.me
****Assisting customers remotely isn’t easy. When you can’t physically be next to the customer, sharing your computer screen is the next best thing. With join.me you can quickly and easily share your screen with one person or many. Perfect for SMEs who want to organize software and website demonstrations ahead of time. Free for general use; paid subscriptions to receive advanced features and your own dedicated account.

3. Identify webpage engagement with ClickHeat
****You’ve got a great CPC campaign driving traffic to your website, but as soon as your visitors get there, something goes amiss. With this free, though basic, heat mapping tool from ClickHeat you can see which links on your site are ‘hot’ and which are running cold.

4. Test which content works best with Google Content Experiments
****Take the ClickHeat information and go one step further with Google Content Experiments. This free tool enables you to create different versions of a webpage and serve them up to different segments. Understand which content works best with whom, and dynamically display the data that will most convert. According to Experian, UK consumers made 112 million visits to online retailers this Cyber Monday - up 32% on 2011. The trend away from high street stores is growing, with the number of online purchases increasing year on year. But so is competition. Off-the-shelf software makes it easy to set up an ecommerce site in minutes. Those webstores most adept at engagement will reap the rewards, whilst the rest will struggle against increasing competition. With the free tools mentioned above, small and medium businesses have every opportunity to steal customers from their larger peers.