Casengo launches affiliate Partnership Program


Web developers: become a Casengo Affiliate and earn €100 per sale

There are numerous benefits for web developers and other candidates of joining the Program and becoming a Casengo Affiliate:

  1. No joining fee, no commitments;
  2. A reward of €100,- for each new paying Casengo user;
  3. Signing up and activating potential customers is done easily and within minutes;
  4. The freedom to sell extra services such as training, support and implementation;
  5. If the customer does not purchase immediately, but still within 120 days, the reward still applies.

The idea of an Affiliate Partnership Program came naturally to Floris van der Veen, Casengo’s founder and Chief Happy Customers. “Quite a few web developers kept asking us for some form of affiliate partnership. They love helping out their own clients by introducing them to an affordable and user-friendly customer service application. We can finally reward them for their confidence in our product.”

The program comes without fees, limitations or restrictions. “It gives web developers across the globe the opportunity to expand their revenue,” says Floris. To become a Casengo Affiliate, there’s just a signup form to fill in. “That’s all there is to it. More happy customers!”

Casengo is one of the fastest growing customer support software companies in the world. Currently, over 14.000 online retailers and other SMEs are using the application to handle customer queries through email, live chat, Facebook and Twitter. Sign up to become a Casengo Affiliate, or learn more on