Time for bubbles! Casengo launches out of beta

Emily  | 

casengo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Casengo-launch-image-12-12-12.pngToday is the day Casengo officially launches out of beta. Thanks to all the feedback we’ve received from our beta users, and the hard work of our development team, Casengo now boasts email, chat, social media and call management functionality. Hurray!

Our official launch coincides with our Mars product release, which includes basic reporting, additional chat configuration options, and a Wordpress plugin. High time for bubbles again! And while we’re celebrating, Casengo achieved another great milestone last week, reaching 20,000 unique support cases. That means that over 20,000 customers have now received email, chat and Twitter support powered by Casengo. We expect this number to grow to 2 million by the end of next year. Such exciting prospects for a small startup like ours... There are many web applications that enable small businesses to support customers on the go. But what makes Casengo different - and why the app is taking off - is its hybrid messaging functionality, which magically turns any email into a real-time chat conversation. This way, SMEs are not only accessible across all channels, but they also enable their customers to change communication channels mid-conversation. Keep an eye on the App Store for our upcoming iOS application! Meanwhile, check out our new stop-motion video and let us know what you think...