Time for a sneak peek!

Emily  | 

In just a few weeks, we will open up the doors and release our first release, Casengo Mercury, into the world. It’s the sum of all the time, effort, energy and struggle of the last 12 months. We live and breathe Casengo just about every day. Or I do, at least. A lot has gone on behind the scenes, so here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

  1. A new homepage. Thanks to our freelancer, Vanessa, we have some pretty sweet illustrations on our new homepage. Like the image below? Swell, as our website will take you back to the fifties. Life seemed so easy and friendly back then, didn’t it? Well, it will be again.

  2. Meer talen! The Casengo platform is equipped for localization. English isn’t enough, so we’ve added Dutch as another language option. French is up next. C’est fantastique!

  3. A spell checker Definitely no small detail. You want to ensure you leave a positive, professional impression with your customers, and a spell checker is step one towards reaching that goal.

  4. Melvin, watch your inbox! Sometimes you need to involve someone from another department, or even another organization, to help resolve a customer’s issue. We’ve added a case forwarding functionality to simplify this process. With Casengo, you can get all the outside help you need, while keeping track of the case within the app.

  5. And... 3, 2, 1: action! From conventional ‘Getting Started’ videos to our humorous (well, we think so) product overview movie, we’re helping the folks out there to understand what Casengo is all about, and how to use it. So: Thunderbirds are GO! Stay tuned. You will get to see all of the above, in action, very soon.