The daily Casengo unworkout

Emily  |
No it’s not a typo: we're un-working out today. If you run an SMB that’s been using Outlook to handle all customer enquiries, you’ve been working your fingers overtime - and needlessly so. First, you’ve been creating multiple folders to file away the different types of correspondence. Then, there are those endless search sessions to retrieve one of the hundreds of emails you’ve kept for record’s sake. Then, there’s all that mouse clicking to open and close the various emails you stumble across until you find the email you were looking for from the start. Then, there are the additional three or so emails you write to solve a customer’s enquiry because you either can’t decipher the meaning of their email, or they just didn’t supply all the details you needed at the time. Plus, if you’re using Outlook in conjunction with a separate chat tool, you might as well double the effort to keep some sort of record. Who thought keeping track of your customers would be this tough? Casengo makes your customer support popup: true a lot leaner and fitter - with half the effort. With hybrid messaging you can get straight down to chat with a customer, when email back and forth just won’t do. You don’t have to do any filing of emails or multiple searches – just give a ‘case’ a label and you can quickly find what you’re looking for in the case history for that particular customer. Throw in some canned responses and you’re resolving customer inquiries in no time. Here's the Casengounworkout in action. Feel the vibe?