New feature: adding a Custom URL to the Contact Panel

Emily  |

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about adding your own contact fields to the contact panel. This allows you to add simple fields next to the ones we already provided for each contact (like ‘name’ and ‘email address’). Let’s make things a little less simple – but even more powerful – by creating Custom URLs. A Custom URL allows you to add an actual hyperlink to the contact panel. A link that does stuff: it might perform a Google or LinkedIn search on your contact, or retrieve customer information from Salesforce or Zoho. Whatever it is that you want the Custom URL to do, it will do it right from within Casengo, allowing you to service your customers even faster and better. Say you want to add a Facebook search to the contact panel. First, prepare your ingredients. Go to Facebook and search for anything (say: John Doe). Click on “See more results for John Doe” at the bottom of the suggested results: Then take the URL… … and replace the name (including that weird %20, which simply stands for a space) with : Copy this link; you’ll need it later. Now, go to the Admin Site in The Casengo application, go to ‘General’ and ‘Contact Panel’. Hit the green ‘Add Custom URL’ button (all the way down the page). In ‘Field title’, fill in the name of the field: “Facebook”. Add the description for the field in ‘Text to display’: Search for . Then add the Facebook URL you prepared: Hit save, and go to the Agent App to test whether the Custom URL you just whipped up does what it’s supposed to do… To do this, open any case in which the name of your contact was properly entered, click on the last field of the Contact Panel, and watch the magic happen. Sounds a little too complex for you? It does sound more complex than it actually is, but even so: we already looked up the URLs for the most common searches - Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Zoho - for you. Just hit the appropriate icon, and off you go!