"More online than offline stores in the Netherlands"

Emily  | 

Journalist Hans-Lukas Zuurman wrote an interesting piece in one of Holland’s national newspapers today. He interviewed our very own Ron van Valkengoed about the number of online stores in the Netherlands. Even though our latest ‘Webwinkel Monitor’ (a whitepaper about Dutch online stores) was about 2014, we always enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise about online sales and customer service…

A few insights taken from Zuurman’s piece:

  • Holland reached a tipping point: the country now has more online stores than brick ‘n’ mortar ones. It’s fair to say there are at least 100.000 online points of sale, as opposed to 99.000 physical shops.
  • In 2015, Casengo developed a program that mapped online stores and determined a few notable variables, such as the type of technology used, the website’s speed, the physical location of its owner. As Casengo’s Ron van Valkengoed explains: ‘That was a very time-consuming job, because we had to check all the results manually. We then contacted the main suppliers of online store software to crosscheck our findings with theirs. They said there were a lot more online stores than we counted, so our estimate is pretty conservative, to say the least.’
  • The biggest sales are made by the 200 biggest online stores, such as CoolBlue and Bol.com. Ron van Valkengoed: ‘This trend will definitely be continued in 2016. Today’s customers demand high quality and low pricing. They want to enjoy a relaxed shopping spree online, 24/7, with a large selection of goods to choose from and outstanding service, for instance through live chat or WhatsApp.’