Happy birthday to us!

Emily  | 

Exactly two years ago today, on October 3rd, 2011, my brother Thijs and I sat down for a serious chat. We talked about Livecom, the company we founded in 2003. Its customer support software is still doing great in the enterprise market. “But how about entrepreneurs with smaller businesses?” we wondered. “Surely they, too, want to respond to their customers sooner and better. But how can we help SMEs get more happy customers?” Through hybrid messaging, for one. We came up with a technique that allows the users of our new application to seamlessly switch between chat and email mode, depending on whether they’re online or not. And of course all conversations about one topic should appear in one single timeline, regardless of the communication channel used. And secondly: SMEs, we thought, would love powerful collaboration features. Casengo users know at one glance which co-worker is handling which customer case. They can easily share cases with co-workers to come up with the best answer possible. And no worries if these co-workers aren’t in the office: Casengo is totally mobile and in the cloud! Yes, the idea made sense. Good customer support isn’t just for big companies. In fact, smaller companies can make their mark by offering outstanding customer service. So one year after our initial idea, we introduced Casengo in open beta.
We officially launched our pioneering all-in-one customer support software on 12-12-12, soon introducing several plugins like Casengo for WordPress. Casengo popup: true is now being actively used by 1.600 companies. Many more fans will follow, I’m sure. On behalf of the entire Casengo team, I’d like to personally thank our users for their trust in us. And to our team: happy birthday to us... Well done, guys!