Group email support and auto-reply for WhatsApp

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  • You can now setup an auto-reply for WhatsApp Web channels. This makes it easy to automatically respond to a customer, even when you are not logged in. One auto-reply can be set per number.
  • You can now support group email accounts by adding the case-id in the subject. Replies from cc/bcc recipients will now go the case case. You can even force messages to go in a case by adding the case-id in the subject. This feature is on request. Please contact us for more information.


  • Cc/bcc recipients of outgoing emails are now registered as case collaborators, so their replies go in to the same case. When an incoming email creates a case, all recipients become case collaborators. As a result their responses will go the case too.


  • Fixed an internal bug to reduce false positive errors for whatsapp