Demystifying tech jargon

Emily  |
Do you feel like you need a handbook to decode tech jargon? If you’re not an expert at HTML, CSS, API, UXP and the like, I know how you feel. The mere whisper of these acronyms, or any tech jargon for that matter, sends shivers down my spine. If you’ve created a Casengo account you’ll have heard us mention ‘email forwarding’ and ‘installing the chat widget’. I sincerely hope this didn’t get you in a cold sweat, or made you ignore every one of our messages from then on - because that’s not going to do much good to your customer support efficiency...
Relax: both tasks are easier than creating formulas in Excel.

Email forwarding simply means going to a field in your email settings, adding your Casengo email address as the redirect location, and clicking apply. Boom, you’re done. Still no clue what I’m going on about? Here’s a screencast explaining it in greater detail.

Installing the chat widget is a condensed way of saying: copy the HTML code we give you, paste the code at the bottom of each webpage you want the chat button to appear, and commit the changes. Check out this short screencast.

Macros? They’re just canned responses to questions you get all the time. In the admin area head over to the ‘knowledge base and macros’ tab and select ‘macros’ from the left hand menu. Hit the green ‘Add Macro’ button and you’re ready to input your first canned response. Too easy for a screencast! Just remember we’re here for you. Click on the ‘contact’ button on the Casengo website (or click right here), and one of us will attend to your questions. We’re here to help, because we understand technology isn’t everyone’s expertise. That’s why it’s ours.