Casengo’s customer support software tested by Kelly

Kelly  | 

A couple of years ago I, Kelly Atkinson, had a busy job as the one and only customer support person for a thriving online startup, managing client emails from around the world. These days I work as a translator and editor as well as being Casengo’s new blogger.

I don’t require customer support software now, but writing about Casengo means that I need to know it inside out. Fortunately I live just up the road from Casengo HQ, so I thought I’d pop in and get a guided tour from the experts. Floris and Thijs stopped me right there. If Casengo really is so user-friendly, they pointed out, I would have no trouble figuring it out for myself.

And if I couldn’t, then there was a problem and they would need to fix it.

Customer support software for busy people

I’m busy, I’m impatient, and above all I’m a firm believer in only reading the instructions if all else fails, so I jumped right in. I signed up for my free Casengo account in a matter of moments, then logged in. And took a deep breath.

I’m not going to lie: the first time using a new program is always a bit overwhelming. No matter how intuitive the design, at first glance it can be hard to know where to start. But here I was with the interface in front of me, a two-minute tutorial to watch and three (short) emails in my brand-new inbox. Using the FAQs (easily accessible from the agent app) I followed the straightforward instructions to set up mail forwarding, then created my first ‘case’ by sending an email to my new inbox.

Now I had an email and I needed to respond. (Yes I was writing to myself but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.) At last I could check out the famous hybrid messaging ability. It really is just as advertised. It’s an email – now it’s an instant message – now it’s an email again. In all my clicking around I came across a couple of little things which weren’t working quite as they should, but these were fixed as soon as I told the team about them.

The verdict

Getting started with Casengo is very easy. The basic startup instructions are simple and support is there if you need it. Once you’ve got your inbox set up – a five-minute task – you can start handling cases right away. Apart from hybrid messaging (which really does live up to the hype), one of the things I love about the app is that it’s easy to add notes to each case. And if a client phones you in addition to emailing, you can add details of the discussion too. Twitter is right there in the same app, and I’m excited to see what the Facebook integration will be like.

Having Casengo would have made my customer service work so much easier – it’s almost enough to make me want to open up a webshop. Well, almost!