Communicate in cases and get notified

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  • You can now communicate with your colleagues in cases by using the @mention in a comment or log call message.
  • You now get notifications from your colleagues when you are mentioned so you can easily help them where needed.
  • You can now mark notifications as read or unread so you can come back to the cases at a later moment.


  • We have improved the security screening for incoming emails.
  • We have improved the way messages are threaded in Outlook clients.
  • We have improved the pagination in search results so large results sets are properly displayed.


  • We fixed an issue where the German language in our app would break.
  • We fixed an issue where mail content would overflow the browser window.
  • We fixed an issue where you could not expand a message in the message preview.

How does mentions work?

  1. Type a @ character in a comment or log call and follow with the first few letters of the name in a comment.
  2. Select the agents that you want to mention from the list.
  3. The mentioned agents will get a notification with a link to the case.

Notification center

  • Live updated push notifications
  • Easily see unread notifications
  • Mark notifications read or unread
  • Scroll through old notifications