Cloud app of the day!

Emily  |

We are proud to report that Appvita popup: true, a funky site filled with 'nothing but the finest cloud apps since 2008' picked Casengo popup: true as its cloud app of the day popup: true. Four facts Appvita's gals & guys liked about our customer support software:

  1. Casengo makes it easy to track multiple keywords on Twitter
  2. Users can still keep track of replies when they forward cases to external email addresses
  3. Multiple employees can work together from within the Casengo app
  4. Casengo offers the tools necessary to build a freestanding FAQ page

Appvita was a little disappointed about not being able to track complaints that come from Facebook users, and to respond to tweets from within the application - but rest assured we're working on these features real hard. Thank you, Stephanie popup: true from Portland and Dave popup: true from Dallas! Appvita certainly is our website of the week...